This project started with the support for missing supplies such as hand sanitizers and masks, Everyone expands the support through purchasing and posting on SNS, and beyond that.

Not only medical care and education, From employment, economic recovery, the environment, to entertainment People will continue to help each other with their own power and walk towards the end of COVID-19.
I hope it will be a project in which people from all over the world can participate.

To overcome the biggest world crisis of the 21st century, Vtubers will be the best choice when utilizing SNS, including Realtime responses through YouTube and live streaming platforms around the world and overcoming the racial barriers.

We are implementing these initial donations in mid-June: face masks for all 47 prefectures in Japan at 10 thousand per prefecture for a total of 470 thousand masks,
180 thousand masks for the state of Hawaii, and 10 thousand bottles of sanitizer each for
LA, Long Beach, and Glendale, for a total of 30 thousand bottles.



「OPERATION TOMODACHI」寄贈プロジェクトがアメリカメディアにピックアップ

みんなでコロナに打ち勝つために始まったプロジェクト「OPERATION TOMODACHI」ですが、ロングビーチ・グレンデール・ロサンゼルス市にそれぞれ1万本のハンドサニタイザーをした事が今回アメリカの新聞で取り上げられました。

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